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Paying for Treatment

A common concern that residents have before entering treatment for an eating disorder is the cost of inpatient care. For those in need, there is no substitute for this life-saving care and waiting to enter treatment can lead to further deterioration of your health. 

We recommend that those looking for treatment first focus on finding facilities that they truly believe can help them to meet their goals – settling for treatment that you don’t think will be a fit may only prolong the path to recovery in the end. Research treatment centers to get an understanding of: 

After conducting this research, it’s important to get an understanding of the payment options available to you.  Some options to consider when researching the cost of treatment are: 

Does Insurance Cover Eating Disorder Treatment?

Yes, as a result of policies such the Affordable Care Act and Mental Health Parity Act most major insurance companies do cover at least a portion of treatment costs for eating disorders.  

Due to the specific nature of treatment and insurance policies, we encourage you to speak with a member of the Koru Spring team for an insurance verification. This process requires that you provide your insurance policy details to the admissions representative.  At Koru Spring, we are in-network with HealthSmart, MultiPlan, and Cigna. We also work with several other insurance carriers and accept residents who are enrolled in the VA Community Care Network to ensure that safe and effective treatment is accessible.  

Koru Spring does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. 


Self-pay Options for Eating Disorder Treatment

Some residents may choose to cover the entire cost of treatment or any remaining portion that their insurance did not cover out of pocket. At Koru Spring, we accept all major credit cards if a resident chooses a self-pay option. 

Some residents may choose to finance their treatment with Koru Spring. We offer several payment plans to meet residents’ needs. Some residents may also choose to work with private lenders to cover the cost of eating disorder treatment.   


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