Our Levels of Care

Koru Spring offers inpatient, residential care for women struggling with eating disorders. We also provide medically monitored detox for drugs and alcohol for those who require it at our sister facility, The Rose of Lakeview Health. These levels of care provide residents with the time and resources needed to recover mentally and physically from the impacts of an eating disorder. This also allows residents to practice what they are learning in treatment by implementing new life skills in a structured environment.

Residential Treatment

During our residential treatment program, residents live on the Koru Spring campus in a structured environment. Residential treatment is the most hands-on level of care offered at Koru Spring. One of the goals of residential treatment is to provide residents with a calming environment that allows them to focus on wellness restoration, healing, education, and introspection. During this time, you will have regular meetings with an MD to monitor your health, as well as frequent meetings with your therapist and dietitian.

During residential treatment, residents attend several therapeutic groups and educational sessions each day. Residents are encouraged to spend time with their peers – many find that they form strong, lasting bonds with the friends made in treatment. Having a strong peer group to encourage you throughout the treatment process is a great source of motivation and strength for many.

Activities during residential treatment include:

  • Group and individual therapy using modalities including CBT and DBT
  • Cooking classes and cooking experientials
  • Equine Therapy*
  • Restorative Yoga*
  • Family workshops and family visitation

*With medical clearance.

Medically Monitored Detox
For Residents with Co-occurring Substance Use Disorder

As part of the Lakeview Health family of treatment centers, residents who need medically monitored detox can do so at The Rose of Lakeview Health located on the same campus as Koru Spring. Lakeview Health offers gender-responsive, medically monitored detox from drugs and alcohol. After completing medical detox and receiving medical clearance, residents can then transfer to Koru Spring to begin receiving eating disorder care.



Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a step-down from residential care, allowing residents to take on more responsibility as they become increasingly confident in their recovery. During PHP, residents live off-campus in shared apartments. The goal is for residents to practice the skills that they have learned in residential treatment in a less structured environment. During PHP, residents will take on additional responsibilities like cooking meals together and maintaining the apartment while still attending several hours of therapeutic programing each day. Think of PHP as a way to test the new skills that you have learned while having a strong safety net to help you to work through any challenges you may face.



Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is another important step in the recovery process. In this step, residents may return home or live in transitional housing. This allows residents to resume many of their day-to-day activities like work or school, while still attending several hours of therapy at the end of the day. The goal of IOP is to keep residents grounded and focused on recovery once they are back home and in a familiar environment.