Koru Spring and Lakeview Health

Koru Spring Garden And Outdoor Meditation Area
Our History

Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, FL. has over 20 years of experience helping those struggling with mental health and other co-occurring conditions. Our expert-led team is comprised of medical doctors and masters-level therapists to ensure that residents receive holistic support during their stay with us.

The Lakeview Health family of treatment centers began as an addiction treatment center for both men and women in 2001 and later expanded with the opening of Stepping Stone Center for Recovery in 2004. The Lakeview Health family quickly established a national reputation for high-quality, compassionate care for those struggling with substance use disorder and co-occurring conditions. Seeing our community’s growing need for eating disorder treatment, we opened Koru Spring’s doors in 2023 with the aim to bring evidence-based care to women suffering with eating disorders.

Built-For-Purpose Facility

The Lakeview Health campus was designed to meet the unique needs of men and women in treatment, with each building offering thoughtful designs and spaces. Our women’s building which houses The Rose and Koru Spring has a spa bathroom, home-like café, meditation rooms, and a walking labyrinth. These spaces offer a peaceful setting that facilitates a sense of community among our female residents. Additionally, our campus houses a 10,000 square foot wellness center and features a community conference center.


How We Serve Our Residents

The Lakeview Health team made the decision to open Koru Spring as a response to rising numbers of eating disorders across the nation, particularly in women. We knew that our team had the knowledge and expertise to help residents heal from the physical and mental health impacts that eating disorders can have on an individual. We also understand that substance use disorder and eating disorders commonly co-occur. The Lakeview Health family is unique as residents have the option to receive medically monitored detox from drugs or alcohol at The Rose prior to beginning treatment for their eating disorder at Koru Spring. This allows our residents to build trusting relationships with their providers to enhance their care.

Understanding the importance of preparing our residents for life after treatment, we equip them with the skills and resources needed to successfully step-down from residential programing. We offer grocery shopping outings and off-site meal-outings so that residents have the opportunity to engage in these activities with the help and support of their therapist. Through our Alumni Team and Aftercare Coordinators, residents always know where to turn for additional support and resources after leaving Koru Spring.

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