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When a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder (ED), family and close friends often feel helpless and overwhelmed.   […]

Masha Sardari MS, RD, LDN 
| April 8, 2024

Let’s start with the definition of this life threatening and increasingly common eating disorder. People with atypical anorexia nervosa (AAN) […]

Masha Sardari MS, RD, LDN 
| March 18, 2024

When a person comes into residential treatment for their eating disorder (ED), the simple act of eating a meal can […]

Masha Sardari MS, RD, LDN 
| March 12, 2024

Exposure therapy—whereby a person is “exposed” to controlled doses of what they fear, as a way to overcome that fear—has […]

Masha Sardari MS, RD, LDN 
| February 20, 2024

A leading insurance provider and center of excellence in eating disorder treatment collaborate to improve outcomes. Jacksonville , FL, February […]

Deanna McMichael 
| February 13, 2024

Refeeding Syndrome, first documented during World War II, gained recognition for its occurrence in prisoners of war experiencing malnutrition. Since […]

Deanna McMichael 
| February 6, 2024

What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)? As winter starts to descend and daylight hours decrease, many individuals find themselves grappling […]

Deanna McMichael 
| February 1, 2024

Though it’s not formally listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as an eating disorder, orthorexia is real, it seems […]

Masha Sardari MS, RD, LDN 
| January 16, 2024
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