Your First Day at Koru Spring

Welcome to Koru Spring, our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that you are safe, comfortable, and receive the tools that you need to begin your recovery journey. We know that entering treatment can be intimidating, but we want to remove the unknowns and provide you an overview of what you can expect during your stay with us.


Day One

You and your family will arrive at Koru Spring. At this time, you will meet your care team including your primary therapist, dietitian, MD, and aftercare coordinator.

You will also complete a physical and mental health assessment. These assessments are important tools that our team utilizes to determine the right treatment plan for each resident. Some of these screenings will include:

  • HIV Risk Screening – This is standard and each Koru Spring resident completes one.
  • Medical History and Physical – Once we have preliminary information about your health, a member of our medical staff gathers a complete medical history and performs a physical exam.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation – A member of our medical team evaluates your psychiatric (mental and emotional) health.
  • Psychosocial Evaluation – You meet with a therapist to provide a first-hand perspective on your background, eating disorder, and personal goals for treatment.
  • Lab work and an EKG will also be performed for all residents.
Medically Monitored Detox

Residents who are also struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol may need to begin their stay with a medically monitored detox at The Rose of Lakeview Health, located just steps away from Koru Spring. During this time, you will have round the clock care to help manage the uncomfortable physical and mental symptoms that can accompany the detox process. Koru Spring is part of the Lakeview Health family – with over 20 years of experience in treating addiction, you will be in good hands.

A Typical Day at Koru Spring

As you progress in treatment and continue to restore your health, you will begin participating in more and more activities. Some of these activities include flow yoga in our on-site yoga studio and off-site farm visits for equine therapy. Access to these activities is based on each resident’s progress and will require medical clearance.

Koru Spring residents also participate in grocery shopping experientials and cooking classes. These activities are geared towards developing new, healthy habits around food. Additionally, all meals are eaten communally at the Oakleaf Café. This can be daunting at first, but eating with others and the support of your therapist is an excellent way to become more comfortable and confident at mealtimes.

While each day is filled with therapeutic activities and sessions, we also allow for ample down-time to reflect and recharge. Structured days can be beneficial, particularly for those in early in recovery as they help residents to redirect intrusive thoughts and learn healthy eating patterns. In the evenings, patients have access to their cell phones, allowing them to stay connected to loved ones.

Life After Treatment

Becoming an alumna of the Koru Spring program is a major accomplishment that each resident should be proud of! You will leave Koru Spring with a toolkit of skills and resources to keep progressing in your recovery. Along with their aftercare coordinator and a member of our alumni team, each resident will create a plan that outlines their next steps including future appointments, finding support groups and transitional housing in their area, and more. Additionally, our alumni team is a constant source of support and encouragement that alumna can turn to at any time.