Amanda Wilson

Executive Chef

Amanda Wilson is the Executive Chef for the Lakeview Health family. She started with Lakeview in March of 2022. Her role is to oversee the Food Service department in its entirety. Focusing on menu development and creativity, to provide the ultimate food service experience to all residents. Chef Amanda’s goals are to encompass multiple cultures, cuisines and ingredients to provide an “around the world” experience while utilizing fresh and local ingredients that focus on the healing through the power of food.

During Chef Amanda’s career, she was recognized as one of Food Service Director’s 2021 rising stars during her tenure as a Corporate Executive Chef for Mayo Clinic. She was also recognized as one of the top performing chefs for Morrison Healthcare. After careful consideration into the next step in her career, Lakeview became a place to call home. Chef Amanda is a certified ServSafe instructor and Proctor as well as a certified member of the American Culinary Federation.

Chef Amanda attended a dual enrollment program at Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology for culinary arts and graduated with an associate degree in culinary and business management. She is a member of the culinary advisory board for Terry Parker High School, and Frank H. Peterson. Chef Amanda is passionate about the art of culinary and how food brings people together. She enjoys fishing, going to the beach, and spending time with her family and friends.