Savannah Haynes

Savannah Haynes, MA, RMHCI


Savannah Haynes is a primary therapist at Koru Spring, she joined the Lakeview team in August of 2023. In her role, she conducts individual, group, and family therapy sessions and works to ensure that residents are meeting treatment goals while exploring their internal sense of self. Individualized care is a priority for Savannah as she tailors her approach to meet the needs of each person. She fosters an environment that allows residents to discover their worth and begin working towards self-acceptance. Savannah believes that every individual not only has the capability, but also deserves to achieve a fulfilling and satisfying life.

After working as a therapist with college-age students, adolescents, and children, Savannah recognized the frequent pattern of eating disorders within many of her clients. While in these previous roles she found an interest in further pursuing work specifically with individuals struggling with eating disorders.

Savannah holds a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern University with a primary focus on psychodynamic therapy. She is actively pursuing a certification as an eating disorder specialist to reflect her passion within the field. In her free time, she enjoys surfing and spending time with friends and her cat.